Spring 2016 schedule




Presentation and Discussion with Dr. Eve Shapiro, Tucson pediatrician and universal  health care advocate


Saturday, February 13th                 2:00  pm 

Dr Shapiroe, who has spent the last 25 years practicing medicine in Tucson and working on improving access to healthcare, will discuss why the struggle for a National Healthcare plan is still on the national agenda as evidenced by the strong support for Bernie Sanders’ candidacy.  The discussion will clarify the Democratic candidates position on the issue and explain why the Affordable Care Act is not enough.




Presentation and discussion with Mita Cuaron, Los Angeles based artist and activist
Saturday,  February  20th              2:00  pm 


The impetuous for Cuaron’s  art was triggered by the 1968  walkouts of East LA, at an early age of 16, that were  gave birth of the Chicano civil rights movement and  creation  of Chicano artists who carried the mantle as they passionately illustrated injustice into pieces of art and  into beautiful struggle on paper.  She went on to share her art on peace and cultural tours to the Soviet Union and Cuba.   Cuaron has endeavored to create a multifaceted, multicultural and humanistic expression of life in America hoping the work of artists like herself will inspire a new generation of young people to continue the struggle.  He current interest is in how incredible art is helping people afflicted with mental illness in relieving their symptoms.





Workshop with James Jordan, National Coordinator Alliance for Global Justice, and local ASARCO copper workers 
Saturday,  March  5th              2:00  pm


Grupo Mexico is a huge Mexico based holding company.   It dominates Mexico’s mining and railroad sector.  Grupo is also heavily involved in the Construction industry and owns mines and railroads in the US and South America, including the ASARCO mines and smelter in Arizona.  Grupo, which is notorious for it’s assaults on workers and their unions, has also been one of the world’s worst polluters responsible for the August 2014 Copper Sulphate spill into the Rio Sonora, Mexico’s worst ever ecological disaster.  This presentation will detail some history and the efforts of Grupo workers and affected communities to unite across borders to resist this corporate predator.  Grupo has been refusing to fairly negotiate a new contract at ASARCO.



Film and discussion 
Saturday,   March 19th              2:00  pm 

This comedy is a true story about striking small town Welsh blue collar workers on strike back in 1984, when a group of Lesbian and Gay activists from London arrives in town with monetary support for strikers’ families.  The two groups, seemingly from separate planets, learn that standing together makes for the strongest union of all.

Workshop with Sam Webb, Activist, blogger, Former National Chair of CPUSA
Saturday, April 2nd              2:00  pm


Bernie Sanders’ popularity has helped make socialism a respectable alternative for many Americans.  So exactly what is socialism?  What might a future American style socialism look like?  and most importantly, how might we get from here to there? 





Workshop with Jesus Jaime-Diaz, educator and activist, PhD student UA College of Education
Saturday,  April  16th             2:00  pm

What are the lived experiences of our diverse communities in relation to the US educational system? How is "otherness" socially reproduced? How does the cultural identity of students & teachers  relate to the US educational system?    Our society emphasizes the value of education, degrees, and the status of those who achieve, while it has often ignored the social class exclusion, racialized tracking, surveillance and other widespread practices that marginalize working class and non-white students.  Arizona is a classic example of all these evils.  How can we build a movement to build an effective and fair  school system for all students? It begins with a communal conversation based on respect for our differences.






Presentation and discussion with Michael Svob, retired educator


Saturday, April  23rd              2:00  pm

Actress Rosaura Revueltas, whose classic film "Salt of the Earth" inspired the name of our labor college, was a member of an incredibly talented Mexican family that included a writer, a painter, and a composer -- all famous and all, like Rosaura, hounded for their uncompromisingly leftist views.  Mike will provide a taste of their work.