Salt of the Earth Labor College is a school for working people like yourself. It's a place to come together and learn about the political, economic social and cultural forces shaping our lives.

Are you tired of minimum wages, unemployment, unsafe working conditions and too few unionized workplaces? Are you tired of bosses who use racism and sexism to keep people from uniting and standing up for their rights? Are you tired of seeing homeless people walking the streets while corporate profits soar to all time highs?
Salt of the Earth Labor College - Through classes, forums and workshops will offer you a way out of poverty and hopelessness.

The drama film Salt of the Earth (1954) is a classic movie about the efforts to organize labor in the mining industry of the South West and the struggles against racism and for gender-equality connected with it. The script was written by Michael Wilson, and the film was directed by Herbert J. Biberman and produced by Paul Jarrico. All three were blacklisted by the Hollywood establishment due to their involvement in communist politics. The female lead, Rosaura Revueltas, a Mexican actress, was deported during shooting, and some of her scenes had to be secretly filmed in Mexico.

Read more about the film at Wikipedia and watch or download it at The Internet Archive.