Why are Ethnic Studies Classes Important? 



Presentation and Discussion with Anita Fernandez,  Director of Chicanx Institute for Teaching and Organizing(XITO)


Saturday, September 9th                 2:00  pm 


Anita Fernandez will discuss Mexican American Studies(MAS), and ethnic studies generally, with an emphasis on the movement to properly educate our children and to politically and organizationally fight back against racist right wing attacks.  She'll discuss some of the lessons learned in the Struggle here in Tucson and elsewhere, and how we can work together to further this important goal.  She'll also report on the Legal case working it's way through the court system.  



Labor Under Attack 


Panel Discussion with Fred Yamashita, Chair of the Pima Area Labor Federation, Kevin L. Stephens, USW Local 937 Contract Coordinator, and Steven Valencia, Chair of Tucson's Jobs with Justice Coalition.   


Saturday, September 23rd                2:00  pm


Working people and their unions are targets of severe attacks from corporate America aided by the Trump administration, Congress, state legislatures and local governments.  Resistance to the onslaught is taking many forms, from the successful campaigns for higher minimum wages and sick pay, to building community coalitions, and to encouraging union activists to run for public offices.  But clearly, we need to do more to mobilize the 99% majority to join the struggle, not only protect historic gains made by labor, but also to further improve the working and home lives of working class families.  How can we build a stronger labor movement?  




Organizing Against Mass Incarceration in the Age of Trump


Presentation and Discussion with Zoe Hammer, Director of Master’s Program in Social Justice and community organizing at Prescott College


Saturday, October 7th                             2:00  pm


How has the United States become the nation that convicts and locks up more people than any other country in history?  What impacts does mass incarceration have on the daily lives of working class people in the U.S.?  How has the rise of mass incarceration created obstacles for building strong working class movements in our country and how are organizers and activists confronting these obstacles?  What new challenges and opportunities are emerging with the election of Trump?  Hammer, a longtime activist in the prison abolition and immigrant rights movement, will discuss examples of contemporary movements seeking to reduce incarceration and detention rates, challenge the prison industrial complex, and develop alternatives for addressing social harms and keeping communities safe, working, organized, resilient, politically engaged, and healthy.  



Poisoning Tucson 

Presentation and Discussion with Linda Robles, community activist and leader of Environmental Justice Task Force, and Keith Bagwell, Chair of Sierra Club Arizona Chapter.  


Saturday, October 21st


In 1981 Tucson discovered that it had been supplying poisoned water to thousands of residents.  TCE, and other poisons identified later, came from military and military industries on the Southside, causing mass illness and cancer deaths in the area  overwhelmingly inhabited by Mexican American and other oppressed minorities.  Speakers will address the cleanup that has taken place, further cleanup needed, and care for victims still suffering and dying including healthcare and possible relocation.  Also how you can support the community struggle still ongoing and the struggle to protect communities from 

future environmental disasters.  


Poetry of Resistance


Blackfeet writer Bill Wetzel will read from his latest work and discuss topics pertaining to indigenous issues.


Saturday, November  4th                           2:00  pm


Local poet, Bill Wetzel will read from his latest work, tell anecdotes about storytelling and background, and into political pieces, like his latest publications related to Standing Rock.  Bill has been interviewed on political and cultural topics by the Washington Post, Esquire, Indian Country Media Today, and other outlets. His writing has appeared in, or is forthcoming, from the American Indian Culture & Research Journal, Cutthroat: A Journal of the Arts (2017 Pushcart Prize nominee), Yellow Medicine Review, Spiral Orb, and many more. Wetzel is a member of the Blackfeet Tribe, and a 2016 Peripheral Poet.



Storming the Wall:  Climate Change, Migration, and Homeland Security


Book signing with Tucson author Todd Miller 


Saturday, November 18th                           2:00  pm


Todd Miller's book is about how social justice and environmental sustainability are one and the same struggle.  With millions of people forced to move because of climate change, four times more than by wars, too many developed countries have reacted by calling for walls, high tech surveillance and military solutions.  Migrants have reacted with defiance and resistance. Miller feels that climate driven migration is the defining issue of our time and calls for environmental restoration instead of border militarization.