Millions on the move


Presentation and discussion with Sarah Roberts, longtime immigrant rights and community activist


Saturday, January 19th                                     2:00  pm 


Wars, climate change, and economic woes are driving millions of people to migrate, move or flee their homes.  This is happening in all corners of the world and not just at the US Mexico border.  Roberts has worked as a volunteer and advocate for immigrants and refugees here on our border and has spent time studying the refugee and immigration issues in Europe and the Mideast.  She’ll touch on how “sanctuary” works in other parts of the world, and what we might learn from their experience.  How does the drive underway to make Tucson a “Sanctuary City” build solidarity with migrants and refugees everywhere?   


The Labor Movement in Action


Presentation and discussion with Fred Yamashita, Executive Director of Arizona AFL-CIO


Saturday. February 2nd                                       2:00  pm


Brother Yamashita will discuss some of the struggles facing organized labor and working people in this age of Trump.  Did Arizona  labor’s role in the mid term elections play out with increased participation and more union members running for office?  Can some of the energy spent on elections be transferred to organizing  and rebuilding the Labor Movement.  


Salt of the Earth 

Film and Discussion

Saturday, February  16th                   2:00  pm

This classic labor film depicts the bitter strike by Chicano miners in New Mexico that challenged racist discrimination in the industry and male supremacy in the home.  When an injunction was issued against the striking miners, their wives and sisters took up the struggle with a fury, leaving the men to care for home and children.  The film was shot on location in 1953 by blacklisted filmmakers and completed in the ace of vigilante attacks.  The script was written by academy award winner Michael Wilson.  Salt of the Earth Labor College was founded by veterans of this strike and movie.  


Green Strategy


Presentation and book signing with Marc Brodine, Chair of CPUSA Environmental Commission


Saturday, March 9th                                        2:00    pm   


Green Strategy by Marc Brodine focuses on how to build a massive worldwide movement to create fundamental change to solve environmental crises. Green Strategy argues that allied social and political movements can transform our politics, our economy, and protect our species. The presentation will link capitalist economic inequality, environmental crises, and the movement to solve both.  


Mexican Radicals Who Inspired a Revolution


Presentation and discussion with Lara Medina, Professor of Chicana and Chicano Studies, California State University, Northbridge


Saturday, March 16th                                         2:00  pm 


Professor Medina ill discuss the memoir of her grandfather, Mexican revolutionary Blas Lara Cazares, who was an active working class organizer on both sides of the  border starting in the period leading up to the Mexican Revolution.  His memoir is a window to the lives and struggles of Mexican workers on both sides of the US/Mexican border, and to the work of the Anarcho-communists, the Flores Magon brothers, often considered the intellectual leaders of the movements that resulted in the Mexican revolution of the early 20th century.  

Identifying and Confronting Misogyny


Presentation and discussion with Suzanne Dovi, Associate Professor UA school of Government and public Policy


Saturday, April 6th                                 2:00   pm


Misogyny is often mistaken for a psychological condition, as the “undifferentiated hatred towards all women.”  Rejecting this definition. Kate manne has recently argued that misogyny is “the law-enforcement branch of a patriarchal order”, a system of constraints that sanction non compliant women, and produces gender inequalities through punishment.  Dovi will argue for an alternative way of identifying and evaluating misogyny as a system that offers rewards as well as punishments.  She will also discuss various strategies to reduce such behavior. 


Regime Change and US Imperialism in Latin America


Presentation and Discussion with Chuck Kaufman and James Jordan, activists with the Alliance for Global Justice


Saturday, April 13th                           2:00  pm


At the behest of corporate interests the US has interfered in the internal affairs of Latin America in every imaginable way, from corrupting elections, candidates and officials, to supporting military revolts, and to outright US invasion.  Imagine, Puerto Rico is our 21st century colony.  The amount of effort, personnel and money spent by US imperialism to subvert left leaning Latin American governments puts to shame the paltry efforts Russians are alleged to have made to subvert US elections.  James and Chuck work in solidarity with democratic forces in Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Peru and others.  They will discuss some of the  US interference in Latin America today especially in socialist tending countries.