Fall Semester 2019  at Salt of the Earth Labor College



Panel Discussion with local activist Educators Guy Senese, Dolores DeVera, and Rene Techeya.   

Saturday, September 7th      2:00  pm


The role of educators, to build a literate and informed electorate, is under attack as never before, by lack of funding, school privatization, class size increase, mechanization of curriculum, and attacks on academic freedom.  Arizonans must not accept an education system that is 49th out of 50 states!  And we shouldn’t even accept being average.  Public school teachers, including Substitute teachers, and all school workers, must organize and build coalition with students, parents, and community to fight for quality free public education from preschool through grad school.   



Presentation and discussion with AZ State Representative Pamela Powers Hannley

Saturday, September 21st                                  2:00 pm


LD9 Arizona Rep. Pam Powers Hannley will offer data showing that things have gotten steadily worse for Arizona women and children since the Tea Party takeover in 2011, and haven't improved under Governor Ducey.  People complain about Trump's racist tweets, but we can see racism in action in the maternal and child health data. Nonwhite and rural women are far more likely to receive ZERO prenatal care and more likely to have a premature or low birth weight baby.  It’s long past time for Arizona to reverse policies that imperil women, support full reproductive rights and pass the ERA.   



 With Rossana Cambron, National Co-Chair of the CPUSA

 Saturday, October  5th                                     2:00  pm


In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party USA,  Rossana Cambron will talk about the role the CPUSA has played in the Chicanx people’s struggle against racist discrimination and  exploitation.  She will describe how learning about this history and her personal experience in the struggle led her into the Communist Party.  Presentation will be followed by reception and celebration.  



 Presentation and Discussion with RNs from St. Mary’s and St. Joseph’s Hospitals 

 Saturday, October 19th            2:00  pm


Hundreds of Tucson nurses at the two Carondolet hospitals voted to affiliate with National Nurses United, one of the country’s most progressive unions.  They are now, since January, negotiating with the hospitals for a first contract that will give them, dignity on the job, decent working conditions and protection for their patients.  We’ve invited some of the Nurses involved to discuss the drive to organize and the ongoing struggle for union recognition and first contract. 



 Saturday, November 2nd                                        2:00  pm

 Presentation and book signing with Dr. Roberto Cintli Rodriguez, UA Dept. of Mexican America Studies


Dr. Cintli will discuss the long history of violence against the non European peoples in the Americas, and a continuing culture of  extra legal and state sponsored violence against Red-Black-Brown communities.  In his newest book  YOLQUI, A WARRIOR SUMMONED FROM THE SPIRIT WORLD, he includes his own experience with racist violence, as well as essays and stories of personal accounts of racist police brutality.  He will also discuss the kind of thinking that allows racist violence to flourish and what we must do to fight back.



 Film and Discussion

 Saturday, November 9th                  2:00  pm


Filmed on location, this movie dramatizes the early 20th century struggle by North Dakota farmers who organized against the banks, railroads and Minneapolis milling giants.  Their movement gave birth to the Non Partisan League that in 1916 took control of the ND Governorship and both houses of the legislature leading to creation of the nation’s only state owned bank, a state owned Mill and Elevators, and a state owned railroad.